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Painting Concrete

Tips on Painting Concrete

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What are the techniques in painting concrete? (Photo Credits)

Painting concrete may seem like an easy chore but there are techniques to make sure that the task is properly carried out.

Australian website Lifestyle gave some tips to ensure that the surface being painted on will look perfect. National Ready Mix Concrete Association 

“Prepare the surface you’re painting. Clean off lose bits of debris that have stuck to the concrete. If there is any oil on the surface, use a strong detergent and wash it down thoroughly. Let it dry completely before starting your paint job! Any moisture trapped between the paint and the concrete could cause it to blister. “

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Uncomplicated Concrete Painting Procedure

DIY Network meantime shared a step-by-step guide on how to paint a concrete floor.

“The concrete floor must be completely dry before beginning this project. If your floor shows any signs of water seepage, the source of the water must be eliminated before starting. Some of the materials used for this project require special masks and other equipment, due to fumes. Please read all product labels carefully. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly after each coating is applied. Thoroughly wash floor with a degreasing solution. Rinse several times until mop is clean. Allow to dry for several days.”

Read the whole procedure here.

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Rawlinspaints meantime shared the best types of paints and primers to use on patios and concrete driveways.

“Don’t let your block paving get into a state. If you want it to look good you need to take care of it. Be sure to pull up weeds and deter and plant life that may cause problems for your paving. This product rejuvenates old paving, protects against loss of colour through UV light, resists oil and stain penetration and inhibits weed and algae growth.”

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Have you ever tried painting a concrete surface?

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