Thursday, September 8, 2016

Cement Truck Chronicles

Amazing Cement Truck Stories

Pink Cement Truck

Cement trucks that have a tale to tell. (Photo Credits)

Cement Trucks are vehicles you cannot not notice.

After all they are huge, and their imposing big mixer that moves as it moves is definitely something no driver or pedestrian could miss. National Ready Mix Concrete Association 

Media outfit WPXI published a report that will make just about anyone’s jaw drop — a concrete mixer being driven by an 11-year old boy.

“The boy flew through town, reaching speeds up to 70 mph and hitting both a Minnesota State Patrol car and Kasson Police car. The truck’s front right tire went flat, but the ride didn’t stop there. The boy drove off the highway and went back to the side streets of his hometown.”

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Read the whole news article here.

Heart-breaking Sight

DiamondAce Concrete Company The Times of India meantime featured the story of a police officer who was seen comforting a horse who had been hit by a cement truck.

“The Houston Police Department is mourning the death of one of their beloved patrol horses — Charlotte. The HPD Mounted Patrol house died in the line of duty on December 3 after she was struck in a motor vehicle accident.”

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Check out the photo here.


Autoblog meantime shared an article on a sports car that had been crushed by a concrete mixer.

“Three people were severely injured in the crash, one critically. All were taken to area hospitals and are recovering from their injuries. The fact that the driver and passengers survived such a catastrophic crash is a testament to the i8’s safety. The carbon-fiber body and aluminum chassis held up remarkably well under such an intense crash. For those of you who find this sight too terrible to behold, check out the video below for some happier times with the i8.”

Take a look at the picture here.

Concrete Mixers definitely draw the attention of anyone in the streets.                

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